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January 10, 2005: Dwayne McDuffie Talks Up-Coming “Justice League Unlimited”

Silver Bullet Comics sat down with "Justice League" producer Dwayne McDuffie to ask him about what's to come for the hit Cartoon Network series. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    Q: What's coming up in the two part season finale, "The Once and Future Thing"?

    A: I'm really excited about this. "The Once and Future Thing" is a really, really fun story that's going to surprise a lot of people. A couple of major revelations for our characters and several guest shots that we couldn't have done any other way. It really is an apocalyptic season finale. (And that's not a Jack Kirby pun.) I can tell you that the bad guy is Chronos and the League will be going to the old west and meeting a lot of the DC Comics western heroes, including Jonah Hex and (my favorite) Bat Lash, among others. They will also be going into the future of the DC animated universe. Batman from Batman Beyond will appear, as will Static (from the Static Shock animated series, which I co-created). Static's a pretty old guy at the time the episode occurs. And speaking of old guys, we'll also see... oops, almost gave too much away.

    It might be my favorite show of season three. If you like Batman Beyond, if you like Static, if you like the original Justice League show or DC western heroes, then you don't want to miss this.

    Q: What can fans expect from the next season of JLU?

    A: We've got Captain Marvel coming. I'm looking forward to that show. More Amanda Waller and she's bringing some of her "friends." Long time DCU readers probably know what that means.

    Q: I'd say it means the Suicide Squad.

    A: You're welcome to guess. [laughs] And there's definitely more Luthor. Mr. Miracle Black Canary and Vixen will be on multiple times. Green Arrow and The Question will be back. He (The Question) worked out so well that he'll be playing a big part.

Read the entire interview over at the Silver Bullet Comics website.

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