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October 30, 2005: Mark Waid Talks “Superman Returns” and “Birthright”

MonitorDuty.com grabbed an interview with writer Mark Waid to ask him all sorts of questions, of interest to Superman fans are Mark's thoughts on the up-coming "Superman Returns" movie and his answers to questions on "Superman: Birthright", his comic book re-telling of Superman's origins. Here's some excerpts from the interview...

    Q: What do you think about what you've heard of SUPERMAN RETURNS so far?

    A: I think it's going to be amazing. From what I've seen of the raw footage, they just GET IT. I mean, I really had goosebumps.

    Q: DC had you write BIRTHRIGHT and months into it they announced that this was now the new Superman origin, the SUPERMAN: YEAR ONE of sorts. Why was that announcement made LATER?

    A: The decision was MADE earlier but ANNOUNCED later because, and I've been apologized by DC over and over again, we were just the victims of timing and nothing else. Because the big story that year was Jim Lee on the SUPERMAN title and had we tied into that somehow, had we come out the same month, had we been a direct prologue, it would have been okay. Instead, we were thrown out there and people weren't sure what to make of us. Were we the new origin of Superman, were we not? I'm very proud of that story. It KILLS me that I feel like I played Carnegie Hall and no one showed up. [laughter] I mean, for years and years, this is the story I've been wanting to tell since I was 9-years-old and I feel like nobody paid attention, but it sold reasonably well and it will certainly last. It's out in hardcover and the trade is coming out in a few weeks and that'll be in print forever so great. And Grant Morrison and some other Superman writers are picking up elements of it, so terrific!

Read more at the MonitorDuty.com website.

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