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Shazam/Superman: First Thunder

December 19, 2005: Josh Middleton Talks “Shazam/Superman First Thunder”

Artist Josh Middleton spoke with The Pulse website regarding his work on the DC miniseries "Shazam/Superman: First Thunder". Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    Q: What is Shazam/Superman First Thunder?

    A: First Thunder chronicles the first meeting of two legendary titans as they confront a great evil. At its heart, it is a character study more than a punch-up, but the action is steady and thrilling.

    Q: Who or what influenced how you drew these two heroes? I know both have had television and film incarnations as well as cartoon counterparts. What played a part in how you saw these heroes?

    A: I went way back to the Fleischer Brothers animated shorts for inspiration, as well as the earliest comic book incarnation of Captain Marvel. Beyond that, I just try to keep the stuff that I enjoy in the back of my head as I draw, even if it doesn't seem to help much. It is hard to find a more beautifully refined superhero than those found in Bruce Timm's designs- he managed to distill so much history into such brilliantly simple forms that I often wonder what the point is of me drawing them at all.

    Q: What about the villains?

    A: The monsters have been the most fun to draw. They are mostly just products of magic so I followed Judd's direction and made up some beasts. I believe Eclipso is quite possibly the most horrible thing I have ever had to draw. I make no apologies when I say he is of a hideous design and I am pleased that I will never have to draw that Keebler reject again. I swear he is an instructor at Crunch fitness in West Hollywood.

Read the complete interview at The Pulse website.

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