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Superman #217

April 26, 2005: Superman Artist Ed Benes Renews Exclusive Agreement with DC

Acclaimed artist Ed Benes, whose run on SUPERMAN begins with next month's issue #217, has extended his exclusive agreement with DC Comics for an additional three years.

"I'm really honored to know that DC wants to continue to work with me," says Benes. "I'm even more honored to have the chance to have the chance to draw Superman. It's a dream come true for me! And with Supes came the chance to work with some of the greatest professionals that I've ever met: Mark Verheiden, who writes truly amazing stories, Eddie Berganza and Tom Palmer, Jr., my editors who take very good care of me, and Rod Reis, a Brazilian fellow who's the colorist of the book! I hope to continue working with DC for many years to come. So far, it has been a blast!"

"Following Jim Lee is not easy, but Ed is doing a phenomenal job," says Group Editor Eddie Berganza. "I've loved his stuff since he was doing GEN13 and SUPERGIRL, and that's nothing compared to what he's bringing to the table on SUPERMAN! Ed's known for his hot women, and he's got some great storytelling and powerful action going on too... and yeah, the ladies are still fine!"

Watch for SUPERMAN #217, coming to comics shops on May 11!

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