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October 3, 2005: Neal Adams Covers “All-Star Superman”

Neal Adams has announced, via his official website, that he will be drawing a variant cover for the much anticipated "All-Star Superman #1". The report reads...

    Neal Adams, cover artist of choice, is back in the saddle: drawing the first alternate cover for a hot new DC title. He's revisiting familiar ground: crafting iconic covers for the Man of Steel. All-Star Superman, the much anticipated Grant Morrison/Frank Quitely take on this classic icon, will feature an alternative cover by Neal for issue 1, except this alternate cover will be harder to find as only one of nine issues to press will feature Neal's cover.

    Historically, Adams' covers have driven sales of books to enthusiastic collectors, spurring yet more covering gigs for Adams. These covers cemented Neal's place as one of the great comic book cover designers of all time. Alternate covers over at Marvel have driven just released books to $20 to $26 per copy with his alternate covers.

    With Superman who can say? Neal only says that the same work went into designing these new covers that made the classic ones famous. "Maybe even a skooch better," winks Adams. We've included partial layout ideas of Neal's for your perusal!

    How powerful an incentive can a cover be? Hard to say. Neal says, "Please please please if you want to get that alternate cover... tell your dealer now. Put in your order. It will be so hard to be at the New York Con in February trying to explain why 'you' weren't able to get a copy of that cover for your collection." There will only be one of the alternates to 9 of the regular issue which by he way is an incredibly fresh take on Super the Man, by Morrison and Quitely.

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