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JLA #107

February, 9, 2005: Three Issues of JLA's “Sydnicate Rules” Have Sold Out

The Crime Syndicate of Amerika is back - and readers can't get enough of them! Three issues of the 8-part JLA story arc "Syndicate Rules," written by Kurt Busiek with art and covers by Ron Garney & Dan Green, are now sold out at DC. The issues are JLA #107, #109 and #110.

"This is great! I'm thrilled to hear that it's doing this well," says Busiek. "It's been fun to see the audience reaction as this story has built, ramping up in tension every month. We're at the halfway point now, and things have just broken open big time. #111 is a major smackdown between the JLA and the CSA that changes everything, and after that, it keeps getting bigger and the stakes keep getting higher - battles on Earth, in space, in the anti-matter universe, and Justice Leaguers being rung in to help from the reserves and the Elite. It's been a privilege working with Ron Garney on this arc. His art's only gotten bolder and more dynamic over the course of it, and I'm eager to see it all play out."

The next chapter of "Syndicate Rules" is due to arrive in comics shops today in JLA #111 - don't miss it!

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