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January 7, 2005: Loeb Talks About Supergirl

ComicBookResources.com has interviewed Jeph Loeb about his up-coming work with Kara Zor-El, Supergirl. Here's part of what Jeph had to say...

    The action begins for Kara in the pages of "Superman/Batman" #19, which serves as something of a zero issue for the ongoing "Supergirl" series. Loeb said that issue sets up some of the background for the regular series and fills readers in on what Kara's been up to since "Superman/Batman" #13. Loeb added, "We also learn that Superman and Batman have continued to keep tabs on her and as her 'uncles' (in a very loosely defined way), they feel very responsible -- particularly Superman who still has to learn to let this girl go her own way. But -- and here's the fun -- they aren't the only one's watching. That mystery is tied into 'Identity Crisis' and I've been talking to Brad Meltzer who is such an inspiration for where this is all headed!"

    Loeb's already established that Batman doesn't entirely trust this new Supergirl, yet he trusts the judgment of Superman who does trust her, although Batman's been keeping an eye on Supergirl regardless. Loeb said this plot point will definitely be explored further in the pages of "Supergirl." The writer noted, "The truth is we don't know very much about this girl other than what she's told us and frighteningly, there's not much chance of finding out what she is saying is true. Or at least, that's how Batman sees it..."

Read the complete interview at the CBR website.

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