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March 25, 2005: Superman Related Information in “Wizard #163”

Wizard: The Comics Magazine #163, which hits shelves on March 30 has the following Superman related material within its pages...

Upcoming JLA Story Arc
The bill is about to come due for the JLA.
The DCU's most powerful heroes will be paying for their past sins in a new story arc starting with June's JLA #115, spinning out of last year's Identity Crisis mini-series.
"This is what happens when the League is held accountable for their actions," co-writer Allen Heinberg said. "This is about how a team like this, with so many egos and so many different philosophies, has stayted together as long as they have and whether or not they can stay together through this as well."
Find out more about the upcoming challenges for the JLA in Wizard #163, hitting stores March 30.

DC Crisis
DC's 2005 follow-up story to Identity Crisis and DC Countdown will be unveiled in Wizard #163, on sale March 30. It's so huge we can't say much here, but be sure to read the 80-page Countdown first, which ships on the same day.
"Our heroes are going to get their asses kicked for a while," says writer Geoff Johns about the project. "They've got to face the worst day in the DC Universe and see if they can survive."

Alex Ross
Nobody brings realistic detail to comic book art like Alex Ross.
Read Alex Ross's thoughts on 21 of his greatest pieces in Wizard #163.
Ross reveals not only what he liked about his renderings, but how they were created and what little details you might have missed.
From the blonde guy he used as a model for Superman to the swipe Ross took at a comic book publisher, his work is full of wonderful nuggets that you may not get at first glance.

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