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Sneak Preview from SDCC

July 17, 2005: Superman Panel at San Diego Comic Con

Newsarama.com have published a report from DC's "Superman" panel at the San Diego Comic Con. Here's part of what was said by the panel, which included, writers Jeph Loeb, Greg Rucka, and Mark Verheiden, editor Eddie Berganza, and Supergirl artist Ian Churchill.

    - Asked about the villain Ruin, Rucka said his storyline isn't over, explaining that he has a pathology, and it's that he's nuts, and went into a little more detail of his insanity.

    Listening, Loeb interjected, "Greg, you got issues", to which Rucka jokingly shot back, "Of course I do. Why do you write? Because you're well adjusted"?

    - Rucka said Mr. Mxyztplk was due to come back in AoS #642, but ultimately didn't because of the "Sacrifice" story.

    Rucka added it worked out well because in his previous appearances he's warned of the "big thing that is coming", and the "big thing that is coming", and the "big thing that is coming". And finally in #642 where he should have appeared again, there was a "big thing" - the "Sacrifice" crossover.

    Mxyztplk will probably come back in #646 and that will be an end to that storyline.

    Sneak Preview from SDCC - Asked since Lex Luthor knew Clark was Superman but had his memory scrubbed, would he start to remember that as that seems to be the current DCU trend, Loeb said Lex and his role in the DCU Universe is important, and that he'll be resolving the Lex story and other stories that play out of it in Superman/Batman.

    Loeb added they need to resolve what's happening with Luthor and have it mesh, because last time he was seen he was wearing his big green suit armor at the end of "Public Enemies", but now he's back in his business suit in Villains United and Loeb said everyone needs to find out why.

    - In terms of the number of projects, Superman's profile will be raised come next year with the release of Superman Returns, putting him on par with Batman at the moment.

    - Asked how the comic books will deal with plot elements from the movie and Smallville, Eddie said there would be no immediate changes, but some elements have been brought back, like Smallville's friendship between Clark and Lex, which was touched on in Birthright.

    - Asked about the possibility of an "all-ages" Superman book, Berganza said they try to make all of the Superman titles accessible for all-ages, putting emphasis on Superman/Batman.

Read the complete report at Newsarama.com.

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