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April 19, 2005: DC Comics Rushes Sold-Out OMAC PROJECT #1 Back to Press

Spinning out of the blockbuster hit COUNTDOWN TO INFINITE CRISIS, THE OMAC PROJECT #1 sold out at DC Comics nearly two weeks before its in-store date of April 20.

Now, DC Comics offers a new printing of this incredible issue, written by Greg Rucka and illustrated by Jesus Saiz. THE OMAC PROJECT #1 Second Printing will feature a variant version of the original cover by Ladrnn, which pictures Batman holding Blue Beetle's goggles.

THE OMAC PROJECT #1 Second Printing is available for order now and is scheduled to arrive in stores on May 18.

"This is so damn cool I'm at a loss for words," says Rucka. "The momentum coming off COUNTDOWN TO INFINITE CRISIS has been incredible, and it's a testament to the work that everyone involved put in on that book that this one's already off to the races! I think people are going to be thrilled - and surprised - by what we've got in store for THE OMAC PROJECT."

For more information, visit THE OMAC PROJECT minisite.

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