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Superman: Birthright

March 1, 2005: Superman Comics Return to Argentina

Superman fan Martin Alejandro Salinas wrote in to let us know that Superman comics will once again be published in Argentina starting this month.

Superman comics haven't been seen in Argentina since the early 1990s, when the "Death of Superman" story sold 30 thousand copies in just two weeks.

The first Superman title to be released in Argentina this month will be "Superman: Birthright", with new issues available every 15 days. Other titles to be published include"Batman: Hush", "Superman/Batman", and "Identity Crisis". These comics will be available for 4.90 pesos, except for "Identity Crisis" which will retail for 5.90 pesos.

The Argentinian company which has secured the publishing rights from DC Comics is Sticker Design. They also have the rights to publish DC Comics in almost all of South America (except Brazil). These comics will be available in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

For more information visit the Sticker Design website or view the newspaper article (written in Spanish) at the Clarin website.

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