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June 14, 2005: Eddie Berganza to Leave Superman Books for JLA

Newsarama.com have reported on some up-coming Editorial changes at DC Comics. Superman fans will lose long-time Superman Group Editor Eddie Berganza, who will move on to editing the JLA title.

Current Bat-editor, Matt Idleson will take over the Superman titles with books coming out in March 2006.

    "With every editor, from Mike Carlin and Joey Cavalieri to Steve Wacker and Joan Hilty, we've spun out and separated bits and pieces of the DC Universe, so that everyone gets to try something new, while at the same time, while every single editor is involved in the creation of new series and new directions for characters across the board as we see them coming out of Crisis.

    "The best part about it, as I said before, is that I have a great staff, and every single one of them is essential to what's going on at DC, and I hope they all stay here for a long time to come. This is what it's all about - to keep everybody excited, fresh, and hungry to be doing more great comics here."

    DiDio acknowledged that some titles will reflect the editorial change more so than others. "You could look at the changes say, from Denny [O'Neil] to Bob [Schreck] on Batman, or how the Superman books have and will change from Mike [Carlin] to Eddie, and now to Matt," DiDio said. "Some of the changes as a result of the moves might be incremental, but what it does do is that it allows every editor to look at the characters and find their own approach for the stories. It could be that Pete's ideas about telling a Joker story in Batman aren't quit the same as what Bob's were. That will give things a level or freshness and newness, and allows the entire DCU to be seen through fresh sets of eyes.

    "Likewise, every editor has certain creators they are comfortable with, and every editor is always looking to bring new talent on board. All in all, the changes in editors allow us to walk in fresh again, with open eyes, and get the best out of our talent, and our characters, which, in the end, is something that benefits the readers."

The Superman titles under Eddie's tenure have been through good and bad periods, but Eddie has always had only the best intentions for the Man of Steel, and has been a great friend to the Superman Homepage. We wish him well in his new position!

SHOCC Icon Eddie will continue to participate in the Superman Homepage "Ask Eddie" Fan Forum until the December 2005 Superman issues hit shelves, and has put in a good word for us with in-coming editor Matt Idleson. We're in talks with Matt to see if he'll be willing to continue on the fan interaction Eddie started on this website four years ago.

Stay tuned for an announcement on whether there will be a Superman Homepage "Ask Matt" Fan Forum.

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