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October 30, 2005: Gail Simone Talks “JLA Classified #16”

Newsarama caught up with Gail Simone to ask her about her up-coming 6-issue run on "JLA Classified", starting with issue #16...

    Q: This is your first time writing the JLA?

    A: Yes. It's kind of a funny thing, because I wanted to write the JLA. A lot of JLA writers seem to want to be writing, you know, Authority or Planetary or Ultimates. All of those are great books, but the JLA isn't broken. It's the place where the best characters in mainstream comics go to hang out and kick ass. My opinion is, if you can't make a comic interesting with Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman in it, it's not the fault of the characters.

    Q: That said, you've handled nearly all of the characters individually at one time or another. How different is it to write them together as parts of a team?

    A: To me, the difference between the JLA and everyone else is respect. It's fun to read about teams that squabble and fight amongst each other. But there's no dead weight in this JLA. The characters are all huge, bigger-than-life.

    I love writing the street-level, flawed heroes and anti-heroes of Villains United and Birds of Prey. But that's not what JLA should be about.

Read the entire interview at the Newsarama website.

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