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August 16, 2005: Press Release - Horhaus.com PodCasts

Horhaus.com offers exclusive podcast featuring Greg Rucka and Karl Kerschl.

The creators of the sold-out comic book, Adventures of Superman sit down to discuss the process of turning inspiration into a finished comic book in this weeks 'HorCast', offered through free iTunes subscription or directly from www.horhaus.com.

"We added the podcast to our website a number of months ago in an effort to give fellow professionals and fans a candid look at how we write, illustrate, colour and publish our comic books.", Kerschl points out. "I, for one am always curious about how other artists make creative decisions and choose the tools they use to execute their finished work. Why not give everybody a peek behind the curtain?"

In the case of this weeks 'HorCast', that peek involves delving deep into the world of the Man of Steel with Greg Rucka - one of the few writers who hold Superman's continuity-based fate in their hands. Together, Greg and Karl examine their current work on Adventures of Superman and the potential and impossible futures of the DC Comics pantheon. Part two of their discussion went live on Monday, August the 15th.


Horhaus was established in 1997 as a collective of artists of like mind. They have been responsible for diverse work across several continents in the fields of illustration, web design, animation, music, journalism, theatre and computer networking. Horhaus is comprised of artists Karl Kerschl (Adventures of Superman, Majestic), Brenden Fletcher (SPX 2003), Kalman Adraszofsky (iCandy, Vampi) and Matt Forsythe (Eisner nominated Ojingogo).


SHOCC Icon The 'HorCast' is an in-depth, candid look into the world of Comic Books by the creative professionals who produce them. Horhaus is proud to have the 'HorCast' among the initial offering of podcasts available for free subscription through Apple's iTunes Music Store! Search for 'horcast' and click 'subscribe' to bring the likes of Karl Kerschl, Paul Pope, Jim Mahfood, Kid Koala, Greg Rucka and a host of others automatically into your computer every Monday evening, the moment the 'HorCast' is updated!

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