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LSH #16

December 14, 2005: Supergirl Joining the Legion of Superheroes

Newsarama grabbed a few minutes of Mark Waid's time to ask him about the change of title from "Legion of Superheroes" to "Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes" come March 2006. Here's part of what writer Mark Waid had to say...

    Asked to explain how the change of titles came about, Waid said that he, Kitson and editor Steve Wacker had talked since the start of their relaunched "LoSH" about how much fun it would be to bring in one of the Superman Family of heroes to the title, and that the events of "Infinite Crisis" finally handed an opportunity on the proverbial silver platter...

    "One of the greatest creative strengths of the series - that it exists in its own little corner of the DCU - is, unfortunately, one of its greatest marketing weaknesses, "explained the writer. "When we came out with our first issue a year ago, its sales exceeded all expectations, and sales are still strong. However, because sales on all the DC books connected to "Infinite Crisis" are rising - and justifiably so; it's a great story and a great event - we're sort of lagging behind in the overall growth of DC in the marketplace. We asked ourselves repeatedly, 'What sort of loud shot across the bow can we fire to get readers' attention without in any way compromising what we're doing? How can we 'connect' to the 21st century DCU without losing what makes the Legion's arena special?"

    "We discussed a half-dozen ways to do 'Superboy and the Legion Of Super-Heroes', but not a single one of them wasn't in some way convoluted or horribly retro. But when [Dan] DiDio suggested Supergirl, we knew we had something."

Read the entire interview at the Newsarama website.

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