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March 20, 2005: Superman Panel at Wizard World LA

To start their weekend at the Wizard World LA Comic Con, DC Comics held an hour-long presentation titled "Superman: Beyond the Man of Tomorrow". Speaking at this panel were DC VP - Executive Dan Didio, Superman Group Editor Eddie Berganza, and Superman writers Gail Simone (Action Comics), Greg Rucka (Adventures of Superman), Grant Morrison (All-Star Superman), Jeph Loeb (Superman/Batman), Mark Verheiden (Superman) and Adventures artist Karl Kerschl.

Some of the highlights to come out of the panel included...

  • In Adventures of Superman, the big upcoming storyline is the unmasking of the villain Ruin. His identity will lead to complications that will have a ripple effect throughout the DCU.

    Also, Lois finds out who shot her, which will also have ramifications for the DCU at large.

  • Over in Superman/Batman, Jeph Loeb said Carlos Pacheco's issues are finished, and tie up the "Absolute Power" storyline. Asked if that storyline was an imaginary or "What If" story, Loeb said, "No", indicating there are implications from that storyline that will actually play out in Adventures.

    Issue #19 leads into the summer debuting Supergirl series with Ian Churchill. Loeb's last arc features a take on a government-sponsored team of heroes, which the writer said, "People will find to be "Marvelous".

    Loeb added that by the end of his run with issue #25, he will have tied up questions surrounding where Lex Luthor is and who is the Superman from the future that appeared in issue #2.

  • In Superman, Mark Verheiden plans to pick up where the Brian Azzarello story left off. He wants to bring back the magic and mystery of Superman and his powers, and to look at Superman's powers very closely, as he feels they are even more amazing than the DCU understands.

    Superman will also be exploring his "alienness", how that impacts people on Earth and how they feel about living with an alien among them.

    Villains appearing in the title will be obscure 70's villain Blackrock, and Brainaic is returning.

  • Gail Simone's first issue of Action Comics features Dr. Polaris being chased by a new villainess with magnetic powers called The Pulse.

    Simone told fans she wants to concentrate on Lois, to show her to be the kind of women that Superman would fall in love with and spend the rest of his life with. She hopes to get her back to being a strong investigate journalist, moving her out of the shadow of Superman, where the writer thinks Lois can sometimes fall.

    Asked if artist (and former Superman writer) John Byrne is aiding with the writing of Action, Simone said Byrne has been very supportive and once in a while will have some questions or suggestions, but she is writing the book solo and Byrne is fine with that.

  • July will start a crossover "mega-story" that will begin in Superman, continue in Action, then in Adventures, and then conclude in Wonder Woman. Brainaic, Darkseid and Ruin will appear.

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