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Adventures of Superman #640

June 1, 2005: OMAC Units in “Adventures of Superman #640”

A small news item from Neal Bailey just to show you guys something neat...

    "I received an email from Superman fan Curtis Line asking me if I'd seen what he thought he'd seen, and no, I hadn't, but soon did. Confused?

    Well don't be. LOOK! OMAC UNITS! In a neat little move that didn't receive any heralding publicity or promotion, Rucka and Kerschl managed to sneak a little bit of the outside crossover into their book.

    It just goes to show that the INFINITE CRISIS and its writers are trying to make this a series that resonates, and personally, I think this bodes well for the series in general.

    Click the images below to open larger versions. You can find them in your own copy of Adventures of Superman #640 on page 16 and 19 (Not ad pages, count only art pages).

    Neat, huh? And thanks, Curtis!


pg16 pg19

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