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Jeph Loeb

September 15, 2005: Jeph Loeb on “Superman Returns”, “Infinite Crisis”, and “Supergirl”

Superman Megasite caught up with Jeph Loeb for a quick interview in which he gives his opinion on the look of Superman for "Superman Returns" amongst other things. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    Jeph Loeb regarding the new Superman costume:
    It's different. But then again Tim Sale's Superman is different from Ed McGuinness' Superman which is vastly different from Alex Ross' Superman. And I love all three versions of the character. That's the power of an icon -- that you can tweak here and there. So, his "S" is smaller and the colors are darker -- you have to remember that at one time it was going to be a black trench coat and Nick Cage!

Read the entire interview at the Superman Megasite.

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