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November 27, 2005: Greg Rucka to Take Over Supergirl

Newsarama have interviewed writer Greg Rucka, who reveals that he'll be leaving "Adventures of Superman" and taking over the writing chores on "Supergirl" (with issue #7) once Jeph Loeb ends his current story arc. Here's parts of what Rucka had to say...

    "I wanted to keep working with [Adventures of Superman editor] Eddie Berganza, but at the same time, I was really trying to cull the number of things I was doing for 2006," Rucka told Newsarama. "I really overworked myself in 2005, and ended up lined up for a whole bunch of books that I had to back out of, most of which needed me to start on them immediately. After looking at possible titles that there was a little bit of time on, Supergirl came up, and I was asked if I'd be interested.

    "There were a couple of other elements that came up at the same time, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized I'd really like to take a crack at it. I enjoyed writing Adventures of Superman, and would really like to keep a hand in that side of the DCU, and I'm also really intrigued by Kara, and think there's a lot of cool stuff we can do there. So, I talked to Eddie for a bit, and got an idea of what Jeph is doing with his final issues in terms of where he's going to be leaving us, and figured that it was something I'd really like to do."

    "She's not well adjusted," Rucka commented. "Would you be happy if you were in her place? Would you be content with your lot in life? Everything was taken away from her, you show up and were immediately the center of a massive tug of war. Your cousin thinks he's your dad, and apparently also carries the whole world on his shoulders, and there's the immediate expectation of you to do the same. And on top of that, he's got some weird friends. You also hung out on an island with a bunch of women who have a very particular, if not peculiar philosophy of life. How do you find yourself in the midst of all of that?"

    One hint Rucka said of his first arc is that the "world tour" aspect of Kara on Earth will be sidelined for a while. "Jeph will have wrapped up the world tour of the DCU and introduced Kara to everyone by the time I get on," Rucka said. "I'm not looking at doing a bunch of crossovers and seeing who's going to be guest-starring this issue. That's just not the direction I'm interested in taking her. I've got nothing against doing that kind of arc, but we've got other things we want to sort out with her first. Once those things are sorted, we'll worry about other things. Once we nail down who she is, we'll worry about who she's meeting."

Read the entire interview at Newsarama.com

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