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June 15, 2007: Report - 29th Annual Superman Celebration - 2007 Metropolis Illinois

David Gibb attended the 2007 Superman Celebration in Metropolis Illinois this past weekend and submitted his report (including video and photos) on the 4-day experience...

    Heroes Welcome in Metropolis

    By David Gibb

    If only I was able to tap my heels together three times and find myself back in Metropolis, surrounded by the friends that I see only four days each year.

    Having arrived back home just yesterday, I'm already experiencing withdrawal symptoms. And the yearly countdown has started once again.

    The 29th annual Superman Celebration, held in this Midwestern U.S. town of 6400 people, was a fantastic success. Once again, thousands of Superman fans from around the world converged to celebrate their shared passion. Old friendships were rekindled and new ones were born. After all, there are no strangers in Metropolis... only friends whose names you just don't yet know.

    Like comic artist Lin Workman, 41, of Memphis, once told me, "Being a Superman fan and not going to Metropolis is like being an Elvis fan and never visiting Graceland."

    Truer words have never been spoken.

Click here to read David's complete 4-day report on the 2007 Superman Celebration.

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