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April 3, 2007: Superman Homepage at the Emerald City Comic Con 2007

Electric Blue Supermanoogalooxyzptlyk

A Gonzo report with respect to Hunter Thompson by

Neal Bailey


I'm taking my buddy Jake Black and his wife, Michelle, to the Marriott, post con, when Brian Michael Bendis walks in front of my car. Great guy, I've met him a few times, and enjoy his work, but here, I almost kill him on accident.

I see it as this blur of action, where he leaps before the hood and slams into my hood, screaming, "I'M WALKIN' HERE!" followed by a bout of conscience where I decide to end this destructive conflict and bring order to the galaxy, or make mine Marvel. The reality is I braked lightly and he just stepped in front of the car, but you see things in hindsight as much more dramatic. So... to kill, or let live? Would Quesada send hitmen from The Hand with leashes?

I blinked.

Actually, he was just going to get his valet ticket before retiring to the lobby to speak to what seemed to be a gaggle of professionals.

Sitting at the light and seeing this in the darkness was kind of a surreal moment. I realized, for the first and frightening time, like Data considering the temptation of the Borg queen, that this might be something I could learn to admire, want, or covet.

I sped through that intersection with a fervor past light, considering ripping the human part of my metal endoskeleton off.

Or maybe icing Cochran.


Well, he got back to the hotel, of course, but there's a backstory there. I've known Jake for a few years, and finally got to meet him in person. Meeting someone who you know online is often a scary occasion. Do they want to kill you? Are they a future best friend?

Thankfully, I've had incredible experiences, and Jake is no exception. He's a writer, he's worked on Smallville, the short stories, the Talon, and a ton of other great stuff. Dead@17, cartoon scripts, all KINDS of awesome.

We found a cool Italian joint in Tacoma, my hometown, and had a great time talking about the writing process, what we love about what we do, and what it's like working one's way up. I'm trying to break in, so he was a cool, honest mentor in a time when people say, "Hey, kid, there are no secrets, why don't you quit?"

Right now he's doing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles prequel comics number 2 and 5 (Michaelangelo and April), and Wyrms, an Orson Scott Card adaptation. I highly recommend it... it's a lot of fun. You guys grab a copy, and tell your friend, because I've hardly encountered a nicer guy in comics. You can also check his MySpace at www.myspace.com/jakeblack and see what he's all about.


Which was very cool. I walked over, kind of timid, and probably sounded like an idiot reading a prepared line. I made him promise not to punch me if I told him who I was (mostly because I panned Birthright in the continuity arena, even though I liked the story), but he was kind, gracious, and shook my hand.

They put Greg Rucka and Mark next to each other, and portfolio reviews right next to them on the other side, which I figured would be patent insanity, but there are always times, like watching the ocean, where the rise and fall of people ebb and flow, and you can get in there without being a sycophant idiot and say hi. Or at least, I try.

It's always a nervous thing, you know? Oh, not meeting people you read. I mean, after you work in comics journalism for a few years, it's difficult for anyone to impress you. I have a few who make me shake, mostly because they're not people I read, they're people I EMULATE and idolize. Greg. Bob Burden. I was nervous meeting Joseph Michael Linser (He's the first guy I've ever seen in comics to reference good ole Bukowski).

Spend a little time with the guys, however, and you start to realize, they're human beings. No! Really. They are. You know how your dad can fix an engine? He's really good at that, and taught you how to do it? Or can't, because you just don't have a natural talent? Well, comics creators are much the same. They just squirrel away for a while, develop their talent like a madman, strike it lucky with their talent, and bang! But because engine fixing is something everyone can do, and only a few can successfully write comics, we get nervous. Odd, huh?

Nonetheless, there is a strange politic to the affair that must be observed. I've spent some time with Greg, met his wonderful family (his wife, Jen Van Meter, is one of the most consummate crafters of dialogue that I've ever read, including Twain. You've GOT to read Hopeless Savages), and he continues to amaze me with how much he remembers about a shmoe like me.


The costumes were pretty cool. There was one Superman running around, but very few Superman related costumes. I have determined that I must wear the Green and Purple suit at some point. Just because.


The Emerald City Comic Con is growing. It started small. I was there the second year it was on, and I've been there ever since. This is my second table, and it continues to amaze me how many awesome people there were.

Remember the shurikens in LA? There was more pie. People here are either kinder, or just more passive aggressively hiding their anger, I guess. I met a lot of people from last year, more people who visited the site on a daily basis, and I managed to sell a goodly number of copies of my new comic book. I can't say the title here, but email me, and I'll fill you in. It's for big kids.

The hometown crowd is always the best in your head, but here, it really is true, the people from or who come to my home are just awesome, and thank you to all of you guys who stopped by and made it awesome.


I brainstorm some April Fools ideas and throw them at Steve every year. This year, Barry's were better so we ran with them, but a few ideas I gave got incorporated, it was totally cool. I looked on the site as a quick check before collapsing to coma sleep before another day of talkie talkie talkie, only to find out that Singer was off Superman Returns.

I collapsed, mouth agape, ah-wha! I mean, seriously, I was so tired I fell for the April Fools article that I helped write.

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make here is that Brian Michael Bendis is lucky to be alive.


A kind woman followed Power Girl to my table, and mentioned Joseph Michael Lisner, creator of Dawn. I related that Dawn was awesome, and admirable for (yes, you read it up there) mentioning Buk where others do not.

I pointed out that my third book was a love letter to Bukowski, and she bought it on the spot.

Funny story there, she was the inker for Dawn, and drug me over immediately to meet Joseph. The book was for him. He even said he'd read it. Just saying that put me over cloud nine. I mean, how cool is that?


I bought a print of a My Little Pony vomiting rainbow puke (retail: 20 bucks), packed up my table, and felt quarter blisters on my toes. I think I talked to five hundred people, and of them, probably fully a hundred knew the Superman Homepage.

We filled a few solid pages with emails for people who wanted to check the site out, and surprisingly, there were many folks who had never heard of the Homepage, so I'm sure you'll meet some new faces in the days to come. Be nice, or it's action figures.

Unfortunately, as before, I have no major scoops for you. CBR has a very nice write-up of the journalistic side of things, they had a couple of gents running around (the folks at CBR are really nice, and cool) gathering info, but I sat at the table a lot, because people kept coming over to say hi. If any fault rests for the failings of my journalistic skills, it's at my feet, and I hope you'll forgive my intuition to meet folks who read the site over digging deep for what may be public knowledge in two weeks. I may be wrong. If so, tell me.

The Middle School cartoonists to my immediate right rocked, and were likely eternally corrupted by my presence, however much the Superman vibe of the booth might have enriched them. To the parents, I apologize, commend, and thank.

Alessandro, the penciller of Superman Unlimited (the fan comic I did that's hiding in the Inter-Action section) managed to sit by idly, as did penciller Jordan Peters, of my comic, while I stood there busking. They were patient, and also deserve thanks.

Enjoy a bit of the photographic madness below. If any of you can get Power Girl's phone number, please send it my way.

ECCC 2007 ECCC HONOR ROLL, for aid and comfort:
Steve Younis
Jake Black
Michelle Black
Greg Rucka
Mark Waid
Adam Hughes
John Michael Lisner
Kristen Arntzen
Jordan Peters
Sara Nielson
Sion Heaney
Alessandro Gianna
Brian Michael Bendis
The Imperial 501st
Angel, my ninja guardian
John Munn of Comic Book Ink
Power Girl

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