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Last Days of Krypton

August 7, 2007: Audio Interview with Kevin J. Anderson

VoicesFromKrypton.com has posted a 30+ minute audio interview with Kevin J. Anderson in which he discusses his up-coming novel "The Last Days of Krypton".

    Perennial best-selling author Kevin J. Anderson has toiled in the Star Wars, X-Files and Dune universes, among others, and scored with his original fiction, most notably his Saga of Seven Suns series. But as far as Superman fans are concerned, his most anticipated novel is his newest, this fall's The Last Days of Krypton. Using Kal-El's launch from the doomed planet as his launching point, Anderson has worked backwards to create a fully-fleshed out homeworld of the future Superman, breathing life into characters like Jor-El, Lara and Zod. In the following exclusive interview conducted by Ed Gross, Anderson provides an inside look at the genesis of The Last Days of Krypton.

Listen to the audio interview at VoicesFromKrypton.com.

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