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February 21, 2007: Superman Easter Products

Easter is fast approaching and there are various Superman related Easter products available to purchase...

"Superman Returns Easter Egg Decorating Kit" contains 48 Stickers, 5 Egg Coloring Tablets, 1 Egg dipper, 9 Fun Tops, and 1 Punch out Drying Tray.

"Superman Phonebooth Easter Basket" is an Easter basket shaped like a phonebooth with Superman flying out.

Easter Merchandise Easter Merchandise Easter Merchandise Easter Merchandise
Easter Egg Decorating Kit Easter Egg Decorating Kit Phonebooth Shaped Easter Basket Phonebooth Shaped Easter Basket

Amazon.com also has a Plush Superman Easter Basket.

Thanks to John Tenuto who purchased these items from his local Jewel Food Store and sent us the photos.

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