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February 11, 2007: DC News from Toyfair 2007

Based on the up-coming direct-to-DVD animated movie "Superman: Doomsday", DC Direct unveiled a new line of action figures scheduled for release in October this year. The 4 inch scale figures feature multiple points of articulation and a base, with the following figures included in the set:
  • Superman 4.5"
  • Doomsday 5.25"
  • Solar Suit Superman 4.5"
  • Lex Luthor & Robot 2 pack 4.25" and 4.3"

    Toyfair 2007 Toyfair 2007 Toyfair 2007 Toyfair 2007
    "Superman: Doomsday" Superman Action Figure "Superman: Doomsday" Solar Suit Superman Action Figure "Superman: Doomsday" Doomsday Action Figure "Superman: Doomsday" Lex Luthor and Robot Action Figure

    DC Direct also displayed the Series 1 release of Superman action figures based on the Kubert designs in the Geoff Johns/Richard Donner run on "Superman" comics.

    Toyfair 2007 Toyfair 2007 Toyfair 2007 Toyfair 2007
    Superman Series 1: Superman Action Figure Superman Series 1: Bizarro Action Figure Superman Series 1: Zod Action Figure Superman Series 1: Ursa Action Figure

    Toyfair 2007 Also coming in 2007 from DC Direct is a new series of statues using Japanese-style art and sculpture. Called "Ame-Comi" (a Japanese name for American Comics), the figures will depict some of DC's finest female characters, including Supergirl.

    The initial offerings wil include:

  • Supergirl
  • Catwoman
  • Powergirl
  • Batgirl

    Look for alternate paint schemes to be released, and if the series proves popular additional characters such as Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl and others.

    DC Direct are also releasing other Justice League action figure waves and a "Justice" Box Set in 2007.

    Toyfair 2007 Toyfair 2007
    DC Direct Action Figure Display Justice Box Set

    Toyfair 2007 Mattel is also getting into the act, with a June/July release of a set of "Super Friends" figures aimed at children aged 3-5. Included in the first series of toys will be:
  • Superman
  • Aquaman
  • Batman
  • Lex Luthor
  • Jon Stewart Green Lantern
  • Flash

    Each basic figure will include character-specific accessories and retail for approx. US$7.99. The line will also include Deluxe Heroes Superman, Batman and Green Lantern with "power play" features which will retail for approx. US$11.99. A Vehicle and Figure toy assortment - Superman with Flyer and Batman with Batcycle - will include a figure and a vehicle and will retail for approx. US$13.99.

    Mattel are also set to release a new series of 3 inch DC figures for "Battleague". Reportedly scheduled to include 32 unique figures with a unique combat system unlike other action figure/trading figure games, these figures will include four different methods of attack - throwing, punching, flying, and shooting - as well as the ability to literally move (via a roling base).

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