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January 27, 2007: New Mattel DC Super Heroes Action Figures

Greg Calucci (aka Sword-of-Krypton) emailed in the following news report regarding a new wave of Mattel "DC Super Heroes" action figures...

I found at a Walmart in Morrisville, Pennsylvania a new wave of DC Super Heroes. Like their Justice League Unlimited counterparts, the packaging is now purple. However, here are some new tidbits that collectors will find interesting:

First, on the back is a display of the figures in fighting poses on a rocky terrain. On the left side, going down the mountain, are Superman, Supergirl (Kara Zor-El shown at SDCC 06), and Steel. On the right side, going down the mountain, are Doomsday in a new fiery paint scheme, Bizarro, and Parasite.

Second, while I've been hearing some rumors about Supergirl being a Walmart exclusive, nowhere on the packaging is Supergirl indicated as being an exclusive. (Just for clarification, I was looking on the back of Bizarro and Superman; Supergirl was not on the shelves, so while the card back for this wave does not indicate exclusivity, it does not discount the idea of exclusivity being noted on the blister of the Supergirl figure itself.)

Third, each side of the blister now has a checklist of the figures in that wave. On the left side of the blister: Superman (with the new cape, as shown at SDCC 06), Supergirl, and Steel. Each hero is shown displayed in a diorama similar to the ones in DCSH wave 3, except this time the background is a fiery explosion. On the right side of the blister: fiery repaint Doomsday, Bizarro (same as wave 2), and Parasite. Each villain is shown displayed in a diorama with a green explosion in the background, debris flying everywhere (Krypton, I'm guessing, as it looks rather similar to the card art on DC Direct's first wave of Superman figures released back in 2003).

Fourth, while Superman is displayed on the blister as having the new cape as shown at SDCC, the actual figure had the same cape mold as the Supes from DCSH wave 2. The only figures on the shelves were Superman, repaint Superman with the black "Our Worlds at War" S Shield and red "heat vision" eyes, and Bizarro. I searched the toy aisle in the hopes of finding Supergirl, Steel, or Parasite, and found a case (in the clearance aisle, of all places) that was opened but left with all 6 of its figures still inside. The case ratio was:
2 x Superman
2 x Superman repaint ("Our Worlds at War" S Shield)
2 x Bizarro
Apparently, the first shipment of these new figures will just be refreshes of figures already clogging the shelves, and Supergirl, Steel, repaint Doomsday, and Parasite will be coming later.

Greg Calucci

[Thanks to Tim Gardner we now have images of the Superman, Superman repaint and Bizarro figures (just click on the names above)]

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