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Kryptonite from Superman Returns

May 9, 2007: Serbians Turn Out to See Kryptonite-like Mineral

Here's an update to our April 24th report regarding a mineral found in Serbia that shares the same composition as Kryptonite.

Physorg.com reports that Serbs turned out in large numbers Wednesday to see a local mineral said to have much the same chemical composition as 'kryptonite', the fictional rock used to humble America's greatest comic-book hero, Superman.

The mineral -- named jadarite after the Serb region where it was found by a mining company -- was on display in Belgrade's Museum of Natural Sciences.

A British mineralogist, Chris Stanley, announced last month that jadarite has the same scientific make-up as the famous crystal used to weaken Superman's powers.

The real-life mineral is composed of sodium, lithium, boron, silicate and hydroxide -- the same description given to kryptonite in the 2006 movie "Superman Returns".

Jadarite on display However the Serbian mineral lacks the fluorine and radiation of kryptonite. Also, unlike its fictional counterpart, it is white, not green, though the Belgrade museum fixed that by placing under a green light to wow youngsters.

"Now we have control over Superman," enthused Dusan, an 11-year-old boy who came to see the mythical stone with his parents.

"If he does not obey, we can remove his power," he added.

Experts say its value, as well as its possible usage, cannot be established until more detailed analysis is conducted on it.

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