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Holiday and Marand

March 2, 2007: Superman and Lois Lane to Reunite After 41 Years

East Coast Superman fans may want to gather in New York City on March 12 for the historic reunion of Superman and Lois Lane after 41 years.

This momentous occasion will take place at the Duplex Theatre in Greenwich Village when Bob Holiday, the original Broadway Superman, and Patricia Marand, the beautiful actress who played Lois Lane, will be honored guests at the Opening Doors Theatre Company's three day revival of "It's a Bird ... It's a Plane ... It's Superman!"

Bob and Patricia will both attend the performance on Monday, March 12, at 7 PM. Hector Coris, the Associate Artistic Director for the Opening Doors Theatre Company, was instrumental in reuniting these two old friends.

Ticket and reservation information can be found at www.odtconline.org.

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