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March 18, 2007: Superman Homepage Wizard World LA Report: DAY TWO (Neal)

By Neal Bailey


Continuing the odd concept of using semiotics to identify crudeness in the boredom, I added a Scorpion from Mortal Kombat "GET OVER HERE!" chain for people who I wanted to meet who were slow to come to my table, and THE QUESTION, a signifier of odd queries that perplexed both Jeffrey and I.

For instance, the man who stopped in front of the booth, stared right at us, and said "Where the comic book, guy?" before walking off without awaiting response. Or the guy who, in response to the question, "Where are you guys from?", eliciting Jeffrey's answer of "LA?", gave us a weird shaking motion with his hands, as if there were an LA Prime of Earth-2 we somehow missed. Apparently he meant the superficiality of an area code, a first for a northwest punk like me. Also, a very beatiful, vivacious woman of obvious plastic nature (I know nothing of her character) asked what my books were about. Upon explaining the poetry, she said, "You're then, what, some kind of poetist?"

My name is Garth, I thank you, good night. But rather that than the lady who gave me free samples of caffeinne infused gum, the better with which to leave me hanging from the rafter singing Sweet Caroline.


As you may recall, I stalked Jeph Loeb last year in Chicago, following him back after the show but not wanting to shake his hand in the face of his compatriot, Joe Quesada. Because what do you say to the guy who went Marvel Exclusive next to Joe? Hey, guy, nice run on DC! Come back? Omega beams to the buttonia for even thinking it.

He remembered me, thanked me for the kind words, and I didn't trouble him much. But it's awesome to get to say thanks to a guy who's done so much for us, and who doesn't hold my reviews against me. The dude's a pro.



Christopher Dennis, the Superman of Mann's Chinese Theater fame, stopped by the booth and spoke with us for a good solid hour with the Incredible Hulk. He has a cape that, I kid you not, has more Superman stars and family members than I ever knew even existed. He puts me to shame. He spoke with Jeffrey, and in the meanwhile, sat this priceless cape on the table, kind, trusting, believing no one would run off with it. Good thing he's bigger than me. But I kid. An all around awesome pair of guys, and he looks the part of Reeve to a tee. He really lives the Superman life, and I can't wait to get my teeth into Confessions of A Superhero, his film. Jeffrey's got the interview and is going to go more in depth, but it's produced by one of the gents from Half-Nelson, an awesome, if antiplot film, and I see an award-show underdog.

He makes his living with tips from the suit and pictures, but though the comic crowd took many, they offered little, and his graciousness bespoke his bespoke.

Really the neatest guy around at the con so far.


For some reason, this con appears to be a little slower than the others I've experienced in terms of people stopping and crowds. It's got more people, but they seem more focal and targeted, looking straight for Tim Sale, or beelining for Stone Cold Steve Austen.

San Diego is a palpable presence here, people seem waiting with baited breath. But the people are still here, and they are kind, and dedicated, and neat. It's odd not to get as many recognitions or folks as with other conventions, but I don't think that's the Wizard Con fault. I do believe it may be a matter of being in the shadow of the San Diego Con. Regardless, there's one more day for that, and I still found a ton of great people. You can't go to a con and not find good people among the crazy. It's all incredible.


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