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De Superman au Chat du rabbin

October 25, 2007: Superman Jewish Museum Exhibition

The Museum of Jewish Art and History in Paris is currently hosting "De Superman au Chat du rabbin", an exhibition on Jewish cartoons and graphic novels illustrating how the comic strip contributed to the construction of contemporary Jewish collective memory. The exhibition focuses on the process of depicting the present and reminiscing on the Jewish past in the strip cartoon. It will be shown in Paris from 16 October 2007 to 27 January 2008, then in Amsterdam from 6 March to mid-June 2008.

Since integration was underway, comic authors now turned to creating superheroes with national traits. Jewish authors were well-represented: Joe Shuster & Jerry Siegel, Bob Kane, Jack Kirby, Joe Kubert. Their heroes and superheroes, although they might fulfil or incorporate the traditional Jewish dream of self-defence and autonomy, are devoid of distinctive signs of ethnic or religious identity. They are loyal only to the universal value of good against evil and the defence of mankind.

Visit the Museum's website for further details.

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