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March 18, 2007: Superman Homepage Wizard World LA Report: DAY TWO (Jeffrey)

By Jeffrey Bridges

Well, what do you say about today?

Not much, because that's what the day entailed. Traffic was increased from Friday, and yes, even the caffeine-gum ladies graced us with their less-than-entirely-clothed presence once again. No panels to speak of, really, though some very nice people (who both recognized the Homepage and not) dropped by to chat with us.

Still though, traffic was sadly lacking (especially compared to Wizard Chicago, which I attended for eight straight years and is something to behold). I attribute most of this to LA being so close to San Diego and most fans just saving up for that one, which must be ten times the size of Wizard LA even when not speaking under the influence of caffeine gum and half-nekkid ladies.

The highlight of the day, for me, was my interview with Christopher Dennis, who most of you probably don't know but will soon. I have more information to get from him which includes a visit to his own fortress-of-not-quite-solitude, and I can assure you he's got a most interesting story to tell (to say nothing of what I have dubbed "The Cape of Awesome"). But! Until then I've not much else to report, so... how about some pictures!

Wizard World LA 2007 Wizard World LA 2007 DC may have been sadly somewhat underrepresented at this con, but at least Superman and his cousin graced the entry gate and welcomed everyone in.

Wizard World LA 2007 Here we see a typical Neal, not in its native habitat, but in one which it is clearly comfortable living in. Pie, shurikens and question marks fly with abandon amid a healthy dose of friendly "hellos" and "I don't hate Smallville's!" (I kid on that last one. Really.)

Wizard World LA 2007 One of the vinyl banners I had made up of Steve's most excellent design. Hooray.

Wizard World LA 2007 Apparently Jimmy needs to die so bad that people need to buy shirts proclaiming this fact to parade around and advertise to everyone they see. Who knew? Oh Turtle Boy, what have you gotten yourself into this time?

Wizard World LA 2007 I want you to know that, despite the light attendance, Wizard LA is a happy place. Why would there be balloons if it wasn't happy, hm? WHY?

Wizard World LA 2007 Yes, yes, that's Neal again. What's his deal, always horning in on my shots? Wait a sec... who's that over his shoulder?

Wizard World LA 2007 Yes, my fellow Kryptonians, that's a banner by Greg Horn... of Tom Welling as Superman with Lana over his shoulder. Right across the aisle. Staring at Neal all weekend. Ain't irony fun?

Wizard World LA 2007 Yep, that fella you're all admiring and want to read more about... is me. You know, the one with the incredibly short hair. What? That's NOT who you're interested in? What's wrong with you? I have caffeine gum! Come on! But seriously, that's Christopher Dennis and you can look for my interview with him later next week. He's got quite the story to tell. Look for it!


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