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October 11, 2007: AirHeads Out of Control with Superman

Comic book fans will have spotted the advertisements within specific DC Comics publications over the last few weeks, but other fans might not know that Superman is featured as part of a promotion with AirHeads "Out of Control" bars.

    Perfetti Van Melle has launched a ground-breaking promotion with DC Comics with a specially created comic that features Superman and the Airheads' "Balloon Guy." This eight-page custom comic was inserted into 500,000 DC Kids comic books in September. Any sixpack of Airheads bars that feature Superman on the package will contain two, limited-time flavor "Sonic Punch" bars, as well as a very cool, reusable sticker of the famous Superman S-shield. Suggested retail price for the Airheads Superman six-pack is 99 cents and can be found in stores September through November 2007.

The official website features a Digital Comic (a PDF file of the story printed within the comic books), 2 Desktop Wallpapers, 2 Screensavers, profiles on Superman, Clark Kent, Lex Luthor and Brainiac, and a Trivia Quiz.

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