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Superman Statue

February 13, 2007: Seven Wonders of Illinois - Nominate the Superman Statue

Echoing the ancient seven wonders of the world, the Illinois Bureau of Tourism has launched a "Seven Wonders of Illinois" promotion, asking for people to nominate certain Illinois landmarks from which a final seven will be selected.

Those nominations can be for anything residents and visitors consider wonderful about Illinois - parks and historic sites, statues and museums, cheesy roadside attractions and naturally beautiful scenic spots. Superman fans are encouraged to vote for the 15 foot tall Superman statue in Metropolis, Illinois.

The nominees will be placed in categories for each of seven regions: Chicago, Chicagoland, northern, central, western, southwest and southern.

The public then will be able to participate in online voting for their favorites starting March 5, with the field being narrowed through the rest of the month. The tourism bureau will announce one winner for each region on April 30, along with themed travel packages and downloadable videos.

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