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December 12, 2007: Heroes Alliance - Help Kids for the Holidays!

By Neal Bailey

Hey all! Want to help some kids have a happy Christmas, a great holiday season? Here's your chance.

When I visited Texas for Wizard World, I had the pleasure of meeting several members of the Heroes Alliance, a costuming group that visits kids in the hospital and cheers them in their time of need.

They're heading to another hospital for their Christmas visit on December 21st, and we wanted to help them along by putting you all on the case, because in the past, you've been really great about helping folks in need, and we wanted to continue the holiday tradition of trying to act like Superman in the real world.

Here's the info, straight from the group:

    For the Heroes Alliance hospital visit, people can donate to our paypal account by going to Paypal.com, and then clicking on the "Send Money" link, and typing in our email address: heroesalliance@yahoo.com

    Or they can send unwrapped comic related gifts (like Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Superman, etc.) to:

    Thomas McDonnell
    16217 Bonneville Dr
    Tampa, Fl 33624

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line. I'll update in the comments below, and we'll try and raise as much as we can before Christmas!

Dig deep, folks! It sucks to be a kid stuck in a hospital for the holidays, and what would be cooler than to have Superman or Green Lantern show up bearing gifts?

Heck, I'd dig that, and I'm 27.

Give away, and Merry Christmas!

Neal Bailey

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