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May 13, 2007: The Gospel According to Comic Books

For anyone who wants to know the reason for the popularity of comic book films like Spider-Man 3, 300, Ghost Rider, Batman, Superman Returns, why comic book culture has taken over entertainment, come to an evening of discussion at an Inter-Mission event called THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO COMIC BOOK in Los Angeles tomorrow May 14, 2007.

Leo Partible (KILLER STUNTS, INC., BEHIND THE SCREEN: INSIDERS ON FAITH, FILM & CULTURE) will join actor Doug Jones (The Silver Surfer in the upcoming FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER, PAN'S LABYRINTH, HELLBOY), Doug TenNapel (creator -- Nickleodeon's CATSCRATCH, CREATURE TECH, EARTHWORM JIM), Best-selling comic book writer Jim Krueger (JUSTICE with Alex Ross, Marvel Comics' EARTH X), actors George Newbern (the voice of Superman on JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED, FATHER OF THE BRIDE) and Maria Canals (voice of Hawkgirl on JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED, THE GEORGE LOPEZ SHOW, ALMOST PERFECT), Professor B.J. Oropeza (My co-hort and editor on THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO SUPERHEROES), and hosted by Professor Thom Parham.

    There is perhaps no place where the battle between good and evil is put into sharper relief than the comic book. With heroes and villains alike possessing supernatural powers, the age-old theme is taken to a level beyond mere human action. Examine the background of comic books and graphic novels and the way they reflect and impact popular culture, including the way they so often provide a wealth of material for movies and TV. Explore the different facets of comic book culture from writers and character creators, to the actors who portray those characters in movies and TV, to the academicians who deconstruct it all--all of whom happen to be Christians.

WHEN: Monday, May 14

6:30pm Dinner
7:30pm Panel Discussion
9:00pm Q&A
9:30pm Mix-n-Mingle

Mears Center
First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood
1760 N. Gower St.
Hollywood, CA 90028

Enter off of Carlos Ave. Park across the street from the Mears Center on south side of Carlos.


For more information go to the Inter-Mission website.

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