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March 7, 2007: Superman Homepage Does the Wizard World Tour!

Hey, folks! Neal Bailey here, with a GREAT announcement!

Thanks to Wizard Entertainment, the Superman Homepage will be attending ALL FOUR major Wizard World conventions across the states!

First stop will be Wizard World LA, from March 16-18th, where you can meet me (Neal) and Jeffrey Bridges in person to talk shop, sign up for Superman Homepage exclusives, and check out our work! You can also feel free to punch me in the nose for harping on Birthright.

Special guests include Superman fan favorites Jeph Loeb, Michael Turner, Joe Casey, Ale Garza, Josh Middleton, Tim Sale, Steven Seagle, Joe Kelly, and tons of other comic book big names, my favorite of which being Bob Burden, but also including David Mack, Marc Silvestri, Ed Brubaker, J Scott Campbell, Peter David. And hey...Kristen Bell and Louis Gossett Jr. I'm betting he'll kick me senseless before the weekend is through, all the while calling me some derivative of "mayonnaise" before I get carried out to a cheering crowd. I mean, how cool is that?

Next up comes Wizard World Philadelphia, on June 15-17th, where I (Neal) will attend with (perhaps, we're working out the details) mod and fellow staff member Noah Runzo!

Then in August, on the 9-12th, meet up once more for Wizard World Chicago, where you'll see me and (possibly) Barry Frieman rocking the table with all the fine folk we met last year.

Finally, in November, from the 16-18th, come meet us at Wizard World Texas, where I will see if I can survive the warm weather nearing winter...

I will also be appearing at the (unaffiliated) Emerald City Comic Con this March 31-April 1st. Expect a write-up on that convention shortly.

As we find out who the guests are, I'll get you guys more info. If you want to support the Superman Homepage and get more chances to see us in person and help direct the site, please, I encourage you all, buy tickets, come see us, and have a whole bunch of fun!

Expect constant updates as the con progresses... I'll be writing a bunch of articles as both Jeff and I move to bring you all of the information we can find from the top creators.

We look forward to seeing you.

Visit the Wizard World website to purchase tickets.

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