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July 1, 2007: Superman Homepage Logo Change

You'll notice that the Superman Homepage has a new logo. Why the change? Well there's a bit of a story behind it...

Over the past 6 months or so we've been trying to get out and about to all the major Comic Conventions across America to meet and greet with Superman fans and get the word out about our website community here. However we had to jump through legal hoops to be able to present ourselves in public. DC Comics and Warner Bros. specified a list of legal guidelines within which we could operate. They were:

  • No use†of any signage†identifying†the booth as a "SUPERMAN" booth in any way.
  • Avoid all uses of†DC Comics'†logos, including the S-Shield,†and all distinctive lettering and coloring affiliated with SUPERMAN - other than on legitimate products on display or for sale.
  • No use†of the domain name "SUPERMANHOMEPAGE.COM" in any way in connection with†the booth.

So we created the Superfan Homepage name and URL for use on our banners and promotional material displayed at comic conventions. The problem was that many people didn't immediately make the connection between the convention booth and this website. So in order to create a better synergy between our offline look and our online look, I've created the new Superman Homepage logo, which is identical in design to the Superfan Homepage logo seen in public.

The Superfan Homepage logo received some quite positive comments when we first launched it, so hopefully the Superman Homepage version will be to everyone's liking as well. But most of all, hopefully this will resolve any confusion at comic conventions.

In an effort to get our new logo out there for all to see, I've created a whole page of link graphics that people can place on their own websites to link back to the Superman Homepage. Thanks for your show of support!

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