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March 14, 2007: Superman Homepage at Wizard World LA!

That's right, folks, it's time! This weekend, I (Neal Bailey) and Jeffrey Bridges will be appearing at WIZARD WORLD LA. We'll be there to take your input, answer questions and have a chat. It's just plain going to be an all-around blast, and the first part of a five stop convention tour this year. We're working on six with Toronto's Comic Book Expo, and it's looking good.

A week ago when I announced the tour, I gave a very abbreviated list of the attending artists. For a more thorough list, please visit the Wizard Universe website, which will give you a great overview on beyond what I mentioned. It's gonna be HUGE, folks.

The con goes from this Friday (March 16) to this Sunday (March 18), and we're going to try and get as many articles to you as we can, news, information, panels, and even hellos from your favorite celebrities. Got any questions you want answered? Any suggestions? Feel free to shoot me an email.

Due to legal restrictions placed upon us by DC Comics, our booth will not say "Superman Homepage" on it, though it will be us. It will say "SuperFan Homepage." We apologize in advance for... well, the letter change and any confusion caused by this temporary new look we've been forced to adopt.

You can look for the banner shown above or, conversely, the Neal Bailey signage.

Exciting, huh? Come see us! We'll be waiting for you.

Neal Bailey

Superfan Homepage

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