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June 10, 2007: Superman Homepage at Wizard World Philly!

Want to have some fun? You in the Philadelphia area? As you may already know from the banner above, the Superman Homepage is coming to Wizard World Philly!

Come meet me, Neal Bailey, and staff member Noah Runzo, as we deviously attempt to score exclusives, grab news, and schmooze with the guys we love to read in Philadelphia!

We look forward to seeing you guys, but if you don't look forward to seeing us (for shame!), you also get to meet a whole host of great pros for Superman fans, including Amanda Conner, Nelson, Rags Morales, Dustin Nguyen, Jimmy Palmiotti, Marv Wolfman, and NOEL NEILL!

Also showing are Richard Kiel (Jaws), Lou Ferrigno, Burt Ward (Robin), Joe Quesada, and Hayden Panettiere, you Heroes fans (she's the cheerleader)!

Score a copy of my most recent comic! Buy a book at a discount price! Tell me how much you want to choke me for my opinion about Streaky before doing so! Action! Adventure! Philly cheesestakes. It shall... be... GLORIOUS!

The Wizard World Philadelphia convention runs from June 15-17 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

For a complete list of events, guests, activities, ticket prices and times, visit www.wizardworld.com.

2007 Merchandise & Miscellaneous News

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