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December 3, 2007: 2007 SHIELD Awards Results

The SHIELD Awards

The Superman Homepage Indicator of Excellence in Literature and Design Awards

The voting booth for our 7th annual awards ceremony for the world of Superman has closed!

Voting began on November 1st 2007 and ended December 3rd 2007.

The 2007 SHIELD Awards gave you, the fans, the opportunity to voice your opinions about comics with a 2007 cover date, Superman related TV shows, and Superman merchandise released in 2007.

Everyone who voted in the 2007 SHIELD Awards automatically went into the draw for a chance to win a $100 Gift Certificate from SupermanSuperstore.com.

There could only be one winner and that person is: Sara Cigelske

The results have been forwarded on to DC Comics, Warner Bros. and the various winners. Congratulations to those creative people involved!

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