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Siegel and Shuster

December 20, 2007: Will Cleveland Finally Recognize Superman?

The Plain Dealer newspaper in Cleveland, Ohio has published an article by Michael Sangiacomo regarding the city's continuing procrastination towards honoring the birthplace of Superman.

    Seventy-five years ago, a sleepy Glenville High School student named Jerry Siegel woke in the middle of the night with an inspiration for a new comic strip character -- Superman.

    Over the coming weeks, Siegel and his best friend, artist Joe Shuster from nearby Amore Avenue, created one of the best known, most iconic characters in history. They did it while looking out the window of Siegel's second floor bedroom on Kimberley Avenue.

    What has Cleveland done to honor its most famous citizen?

    Nothing. Besides a solitary plaque that honors Siegel and Shuster among dozens of other famous Glenville residents, including a local exterminating company, the city does nothing to stake its claim to Superman.

    As the diamond anniversary approaches, there is no statue, no plaque, no museum, nothing that allows Cleveland to proclaim something that no other city in the universe can say: SUPERMAN WAS BORN HERE.

    It's time to fix that shameful oversight and declare 2008 "The Summer of Superman."

Read the complete article at the Plain Dealer website.

Thanks to Rob Corns for the lead on this story.

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