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May 26, 2007: Batter Up, Up and Away at the Metropolis Superman Celebration!

What's more American than Superman? America's favorite pastime, baseball!

On Friday at 2:00pm at the nearby Metropolis Sports Park you can come out and watch the "Metropolis Marvels" battle the "Smallville Meteors" in an afternoon of fun under the sun!

And the first pitch will be thrown out by none other than the "First Lady of Metropolis", the lovely Noel Neill!

The Metropolis Marvels are captained by the author of Noel's autobiography, "Truth, Justice, & The American Way", Larry Ward. If you're interested in playing, contact Smallville Meteors team captain, Steven Kirk at steve@StevenKirk.com.

Shirts, hats and more for both the Metropolis Marvels team and the Smallville Meteors can be bought from CafePress!

2007 Merchandise & Miscellaneous News

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