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April 13, 2007: Photos from the American Super Heroes Museum

The American Super Heroes Museum, featuring Superman costumes and Batman collectibles, opened its doors on Saturday, March 31st, and Michelle (aka Mish-El) visited the museum's opening and files this report and collection of photos...

    My dad and I went to the museum on its "opening" day (although it was more of a "soft opening" rather than a "grand opening". They didn't have glass in the display cases yet, which worked out well for us because it allowed us to get closer to take the pictures and there wasn't a glare. Many of the display pictures hadn't been hung and several of the mannequins with the costumes were just leaning in the corners, but it was still really cool!

    I was very impressed with the entire collection... it is by far much smaller than Jim Hambrick's collection in Metropolis [Illinois], but there is at least one screen-worn Superman costume from every movie or TV actor who has ever donned the cape! It was incredible! There were also quite a few other trinkets, toys, and collectibles, and everything was very well organized (progressing through the years as you walked through the museum).

    They were hoping to bring in the Batboat (from the 1960s TV show) and the Batmobile (from the 1980s movies) when the cold rainy weather lets up around here. I really look forward to going back there in a few weeks when everything is ready!

Click here to view all 30 of Michelle's photos.

The museum, located at 20 W. Louisiana St., in Downtown Indianapolis, houses the collection of Dane Nash of Fishers, who became fascinated with super heroes at the age of 5.

About half the 3,300 square-foot museum is devoted to Superman costumes and other items, with the other half showing Batman items.

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