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October 2, 2009: James McTeigue Elaborates on his Superman Movie Ideas

FirstShowing.net sat down with director James McTeigue and asked him to confirm or deny his involvement with a new Superman movie, and elaborate on his ideas if he was to be involved.

    Back on the topic of another Superman movie, I asked James if there was any truth to that rumor that he, or the Wachowskis, might be involved in another movie. His answer started out short and sweet: "Maybe some truth to I've had some discussions, the Wachowskis to a lesser degree, but the Superman franchise is in a strange kind of place at the moment," McTeigue revealed. "I think they're still trying to work out the mechanics of how that can come together." That's exactly what we've heard recently. But I got a bit more out of him when I asked if he'd be interested in doing it if they ever did offer it to him. He said:

    "I think I would be interested in doing it if they let me do it the way I wanted to do it. I would say that, if you take the Richard Donner Supermans and the last Superman [from Bryan Singer], I think that Superman is probably ripe for a bit of a change up. I think society has changed around the core idea of what Superman was."

    "And I'm not saying you do the ubiquitous dark Superman, I'm not saying that I'm just saying that I think there are some things that you could excise from the Superman mythology that people would get into it, if you took the world that he was in and changed that a bit, and maybe even project that into the future a bit. I think you don't really have to play into the origin story anymore. I think there's a whole bunch of things you could do to make that film more alive and exciting again."

You can read the complete interview at FirstShowing.net.

Thanks to Eli Gutierrez for the lead on this info.

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