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March 3, 2009: Unused Superman Film Concept Art

Phil Saunders, a concept artist who once worked on the never-made JJ Abrams/Brett Ratner "Superman" film, has posted an image on his blog...

Rouser Battle

    Here's a random image from the ill-fated Brett Ratner-directed, JJ Abrams-written version of Superman. I was on the show for about 4 months, of which I think about 3 months was without a director. I overlapped BR for about two weeks before he left, and I think about 2 weeks before I left to get married McG took over the show. This is about as un-dynamic a composition as you can come up with, but Production Designer Owen Patterson wanted a straight one-point perspective view of Superman facing off against the Rouser (a Japa... er, Kryptonian Battle Pod, don't ask) so you could compare scale. I had fun designing the Rouser, though.

Click here to read the script (4.6mb PDF) for this un-made film by JJ Abrams from 2002.

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