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January 21, 2009: Unproduced Movie Scripts Unveiled in Siegel Court Case

Jeff Trexler at Newsarama.com recently posted an update on the on-going legal battle between Jerry Siegel's family and Warner Bros./DC Comics over the rights to Superman...

    The primary focus of attention for the past few weeks has been the relationship between DC and Warner Bros. In a nutshell, the Siegels allege that the various deals between DC and Warner Bros. do not represent fair market value. Rather, the Siegels claim, because of the close corporate relationship between the two companies DC received substantially less than an unrelated company would have paid - which could affect the amount the Siegels might receive from the apportionment of profits derived from their copyright interest in Superman.

However Superman fans may be more interested in the fact that previously unseen movie scripts were released as evidence in the case. "Superman Lives" by Dan Gilroy (dated February 24, 1998) and "Superman Lives!" by William Wisher (dated February 3, 2000) have never been seen online before. The large PDF file also contains an early draft (January 31, 1997) of the "Superman Lives" script by Kevin Smith (a March 27, 1997 version is available on this website), and two versions of Gregory Poirier's "Superman Reborn" script dated December 12, 1995 and December 20, 1995. Also included in the PDF file is "Superman Reborn" by Jonathan Lemkin from March 24, 1995.

You can download the 794 page PDF file (13mb) from Newsarama.com.

Thanks to Paul Salvi for the lead on this news.

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