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September 15, 2009: Mark Millar Talks Superman... Again

We all know that Mark Millar is a big Superman fan. The acclaimed writer of "Superman: Red Son" held meetings with Warner Bros. some time ago over his idea for a Superman film trilogy but reportedly received little interest from them. Back in March Millar posted on his website that he'd moved on from the idea and was more interested in tackling his own projects. Again in July he told The Times he wasn't holding his breath for Superman and would be working with director friend Matthew Vaughn to film "Kick-Ass".

Here we are in September, and MTV's SplashPage has stirred the hornet's nest once more, asking Mark Millar if he thinks his Superman trilogy idea would get off the ground in light of the recent court ruling. Millar's response?

    "I don't think they could afford me now," Millar told MTV News. "I'll stick with Marvel."

    Seeing his personal Top Cow and Marvel stories come to life in Hollywood, Millar admittedly prefers to keep his hands busy with creator-owned work. But that doesn't mean he won't be taking calls about any upcoming opportunities.

    "I've got Superman's cape hanging up in my hall - I bought Christopher Reeves' cape 5 years ago - that's how much it means to me," he explained. "I would love a chance to do it, but there's something just magical about dong your own stuff."

    Even if WB and DC Entertainment don't decide to revisit Millar's original pitch, he likes the idea of assigning the storytelling duties to comic book writers, such as Geoff Johns, who recently landed on "Shazam!"

    "I've seen Superman's head on the screen before," the writer said, "but what's in [Geoff] Johns' head and mine, I've never seen on the screen before."

You can read the complete article at MTV.com.

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