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February 17, 2009: No Superman For Wachowski Brothers?

Drew McWeeny at HitFix.com (who used to write for AICN) posted an entry on his blog regarding the Wachowski Brothers taking on the next Superman movie...

    [O]n Friday, I mentioned the Wachowski Bros./Superman trilogy rumor on Ain't It Cool. And just reading that and making a note of it ... prodded me to contact a source that would absolutely be in the loop on making Superman. Verdict? Nope. No Wachowskis. Not at all.

You can read Drew's complete blog at HitFix.com.

Which rumor do you believe? One or the other? Neither or both? Up to you... We'll keep bringing them to you as we learn about them.

Thanks to Eli Gutierrez for the link to this blog item.

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