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January 6, 2009: WB Seeking Superman Villain For Next Superman Movie

LatinoReview.com claim that their sources have revealed to them that Warner Bros. are looking for writers to pitch script ideas to them that involve a main villain other than Lex Luthor.

    According to my sources, the WB is actively hearing takes from writers for a new SUPERMAN movie. WB is committed to re-making SUPERMAN into an interesting franchise.

    At the moment, the execs haven't heard anything they like yet but the kicker is that WB wants a NEW VILLAIN from Superman's Rogues Gallery to be the main antagonist... NOT LEX LUTHOR! Writers have been told to come in to the studio to pitch a story with a new villain but again, the WB hasn't bit on anything they heard yet.

    In fact, Luthor is going to take a back seat. Whether he is altogether out or reduced to a contagonist character in the new script remains to be seen.

Read the complete report at LatinoReview.com.

As with all unconfirmed rumors, take this as you will until official word is heard from Warner Bros.

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