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November 26, 2009: Kevin Spacey Still Interested in Superman Movie

MTV.com caught up with Kevin Spacey recently, and asked him the inevitable question about a possible return to play Lex Luthor in another Superman movie...

    "If I ran Warner Brothers I could tell you definitively we'd be making that movie," Spacey told MTV News. "But I don't, and they haven't called me to tell me."

    The "Men Who Stare at Goats" star sounds like he's in the same boat Superman fans are, waiting to read a headline with some good news.

    "Literally all I know is what I've heard from press reports," Spacey said. "I can't even confirm whether those are true or not because I haven't spoken to Bryan [Singer]."

    If Singer were to be a part of the package, though, he would be open to revisiting the part.

    "I don't know what the situation is," he explained. "If they do it again and Bryan directs, I'd be delighted to come along for the ride. But who knows?"

You can read the complete article at MTV's "Splash Page".

It should be noted that Spacey's answers are almost identical to those he gave to MTV's Splash Page back in July.

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