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March 18, 2009: Jeph Loeb Talks "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies"

The Superman Homepage contacted Jeph Loeb to see if he was involved in the up-coming "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies" animated movie (seeing as how he wrote the original comic book story), but found out that while Jeph had been approached by Warner Bros. to write the script, he was too busy at the time.

ComicBookResources.com also caught up with Jeph Loeb and asked him a few more questions...

    So you're not involved in the project?

    They asked me to write the script and I really, really wanted to, but I was on "Heroes" and my schedule was just too full. So, no, I haven't had anything to do with it. But, I'm a huge Bruce Timm [Executive Producer] fan, as he knows since I dog him at conventions, and I'm sure he's going to make it even better than the comic.

    What about McGuinness? Is he involved?

    I spoke to Ed this morning and he told me they had approached him to do designs, but his schedule was too full, as well. We both would've loved to be involved.

    Do you know if Warner Bros. is sticking pretty close to your original storyline?

    Don't know, but it appears so. When I was talking to Gregory Novak, the exec at Warner Bros. who covers DC, they wanted to stay as true to the original material as possible. That included it looking like Ed's style.

You can read the complete interview at the CBR website.

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